Fat Moons and Hunger Moons


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The Turn of the Seasons for Northwoods Natives

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live entirely immersed in Nature — to gather your own food, travel by canoe, and live in community with your extended family? Here, in intimate detail, you receive a vibrant picture of drying berries in the sunshine, raising children to be wild and free, and gathering around the evening hearth to hear the Elders’ stories.Reading Fat Moons and Hunger Moons gives you the feeling of living in a traditional camp, as the author, Tamarack Song, has lived it himself. Having been a primitive skills instructor for the past thirty years, Tamarack has a knack for giving you the sense that you are the one out there, breathing in the rich scents of the forest.The engaging artwork of Moses (Amik) Beaver brings the scene all the more to life, as he draws his inspiration from growing up in a remote Canadian Aboriginal community where he practiced much of what you read about in this book.Although coming from different cultures, Moses and Tamarack saw each other as brothers. They both cherished the deep Nature connection and rich relationships they found in what they called the Circle Way of Life. Due to Moses’s untimely passing, Fat Moons and Hunger Moons turned out to be their last collaborative effort. The book is dedicated to the life and memory of Moses — a man who worked tirelessly and lovingly to restore the ways of Honor and Respect for all life.


Autoren: Tamarack Song
ISBN-13: 978-0996656108